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Making tough decisions is never easy...

And believe me this one has been tough. When we were preparing to challenge for the round the world record in 2002, we thought we had our fair share of problems to deal with. The attack on the Twin Towers in the USA, Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK, and general global unrest were all taken in their stride. This time it is different.

Faced with the global uncertainty of how the Covid-19 pandemic is going to move next means it is near on impossible to make any immediate plans for the future. And sponsorship opportunities for Team Britannia have gone into freefall, making another battle to be fought.

By far the biggest problem we are faced with is the restricted movement of personnel by land, sea and air, and until there is an accepted inoculation for Covid-19, the chances of getting in and out of countries quickly are slim to non-existent. As you are all aware, our story is as much about what happens on the land as it does at sea, and although there is a faint possibility we could get around the world by refueling at sea, it is strictly forbidden under the rules dictated by the UIM. Any records would therefore be invalid. It would also mean our wounded and injured part of the project would not go ahead. It would be grossly unfair not to include them after all the hard work and dedication they have put in over the years.

So, we are down but not out, and we are beat but not dead, which is a bonus. I am going to have a rest and regroup for a while, and I can assure you that I will deal with whatever is thrown at me. Our day will come, but when that is I have no idea.

We may have lost the battle, but we have not lost the war!!!

Admiral Al

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The view from Excalibur's wheelhouse is going to look something like this!

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