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Team Britannia Prize Competition

Win a place in the crew on Excalibur's round the world record!

Excalabur Wheelhouse

Yes, it's true! Take part in our prize competition, and you can win a place in the crew on one of Excalibur's round the world legs. That means you'll be doing your part driving, keeping watch, and helping to make the amazing pollution-busting Clean Fuel HydroDiesel which will keep the boat slicing cleanly through the waves. Not only will you take part in the journey of a lifetime, you will become part of the world record! Two prize places per leg are up for grabs, along with 100 shorter trips out on the boat after the record attempt.

Entry into the competition costs just £25 (you can enter as many times as you like), and every entry receives 25 shares in Clean Fuel Ltd. This is the company that has developed HydroDiesel, and which intends to demonstrate that the problem of pollution caused by internal combustion engines can actually be fixed - simply and inexpensively! Whether or not you're lucky enough to win a ride on the boat, the shares in Clean Fuel will be yours, so you really can't lose. While the value of shares can go up or down, we tend to think that once we demonstrate the awesome potential of HydroDiesel, the shares will become much sought-after. To find out more about Clean Fuel Ltd, click here.

Your correct answer to the question below will take you to the payment page. With the transaction completed, your entry into the competition will be recorded, and you will be able to download your PDF share certificate straight away


Competition Entry

Some of Team Britannia's crew are supported by the armed forces charity Blesma. What does Blesma stand for?




Who can enter the competition?
The Competition is open to anyone over the age of 18. You do not have to be a resident of the UK to enter. Any visa or health restriction on winners to enter countries visited during the Challenge will be out of the Promoter’s control.

What level of fitness will be required?
All crew members will need to be physically and mentally capable of participating in this unique record attempt. Accordingly all those on board will be expected to pass a pre-participation physical and mental health assessment. The assessment will be used to evaluate the suitability of participants in order for them to participate safely and to comply with maritime law and practice.

How many times can I enter?
There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be bought per person.

How much are the tickets?
£25.00, which includes Team Britannia allocating each named ticket purchaser 25 Shares in Clean Fuel Ltd.

Can I pay offline?
No. We are unable to take offline payments.

Is the competition legal?
Yes. We have taken advice, and it has been confirmed that because this is a “Prize Competition” it is legal and that no licence is required to operate it in Great Britain due to the level of skill involved. There is also a free draw. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.

What happens if not enough tickets are sold?
This is unlikely and in any event the draw will take place and the lucky winners will take their place on the world-beating superboat.

How will the prize be drawn?
The Prize Competition, like the superboat, uses cutting edge technology. The draw will take place using a random number generating algorithm and is therefore completely secure and random.

How will the winners be notified?
The winners will be notified by email the same day the Prize competition is drawn.

What happens if my answer is incorrect?
Only correct answers will be entered in the competition.

Can I enter if I live outside the UK?
Yes, and as a bonus you could win a place in the boat to travel to or from the country in which you reside.


Terms and Conditions can be found here.