Team Britannia

Supporters and Partners

Thank you to our exisiting sponsors and partners for supporting us in winning the race and bringing the World Record back to Britain!

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Media, financial support and brokerage.
Builders of our unique aluminium round the world superboat Excalibur.
ABC Marine
Supplier of all the marine-grade aluminium used to build the boat.
Manufacturers of our two Castoldi Turbo Drive 490 HC jet propulsion units.
Drive shafts which connect our diesel engines to the Castoldi jets.
Manufacturers of Excalibur's six fuel tanks.
CJR Fabrication
Providers of Team Britannia's IT services on board the boat.
Alan Priddy's gearbox engineering company, and a major supporter of Team Britannia.
Express Gearbox
Our creative partners - designers of Team Britannia's "look".
Financial support to fund the boat's construction.
Suppliers of electrical components and water maker.
Furneaux Riddall
Logisitical support at each stop, including food, fuel and stores.
GAC Group
Drinking water purification systems.
General Ecology Europe Ltd

LED interior and navigation lights plus associated equipment.

Glamox AS
The tubes supplied by Henshaw will be the biggest in the world for a rigid inflatable boat.

Super-tough laminated glass for Excalibur's windows.

Independent Glass
Satellite communications network for voice calls and data transmission from the boat.
Supplying a variety of items to fit out the boat.
Marathon Leisure Ltd
Fire suppression systems throughout the boat.
Marine Fire Safety

Technical support for Excalibur's engine fuel and oil performance, supplying crew lifejackets.

Marspec Engine Consultants Ltd
Suppliers of all the electrical equipment to run the boat.
Real time guidance on weather patterns, including conditions affecting the speed/course of the boat.
Hand-held eco fire extinguishers deployed throughout the boat
Mini Firefighter
Digital navigation charts.
Navionics UK
Berthing for the boat while in Gibraltar, plus press facilities during the circumnavigation.
Ocean Village
Analysis and monitoring of the boat's engine oil during testing, and throughout the circumnavigation.
Oil Check Laboratory Services Ltd
Suppliers of the Orca fabric used by Henshaw to make the boat's inflatable tubes.
Revolutionary air mattresses for crew members on board the boat.
Park It Here Products Ltd
Engine fuel, oil and air filtration.
Photographic / video equipment protection.
Peli Products UK
State of the art navigation and wheelhouse electronics.
Handheld radio sets for onboard communications.
Standard Horizon
Fixings to hold the boat's inflatable tubes in place around the hull.
Shock-absorbing seats in the wheelhouse.
TEK Seating Ltd
Custom-built water tanks.
Electric pumps for fresh and waste water.