Team Britannia

Press Coverage

Before and during the World Record Attempt

Having built solid relationships with our past and potential sponsor/s along with  media partners over many years, we will use these methods to market our voyage:

•We are in negotation with global television companies about documenting the project and voyage. Filming will take place during the construction of the craft, planning meetings and all preparations relating to the voyage. While on board whatever happens, Clive Tully will be filming every inch of the journey, and will be posting regular updates to YouTube and Vimeo en-route

•The marine press worldwide has featured articles not only about the voyage, but also about the boat, and we will offer them the opportunity to test it before we leave. All marine and lifestyle publications worldwide will be contacted

•We will keep an ongoing diary to appear in a national broadsheet newspaper which we will update whilst on the move – either daily or once a week for the length of the voyage

•Our website will post daily updates on our route and progress

•We have made solid contacts in every country in which we moor and will invite all local media to join us when we arrive. We hope this will lead to safe harbour and constant exposure as we progress around the world

•We will hold a launch party (when and where TBC) to announce the World Record Attempt

•We are maximising the potential of social networking by posting immediate status updates, videos and photos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo.

After the World Record Attempt

Identify key global events to show the boat at – Monaco-Singapore-Dubai F1 GPs, Cowes, America’s Cup, The Rolex Fastnet Race, Antigua race week, key boat shows around the world, Chinese independence day in Hong Kong, Cook Day in San Francisco, Australia Day in Sydney and many more…

•Break further short UIM records such as Gibraltar to Monaco and create new ones in places where marketing and promotion are of value

•Charitable work to help relevant organisations raise funds and awareness

Media Coverage from the Spirit of Cardiff

•30 minute documentary “Total Adventure - powerboat around the world”: initially broadcast on National Geographic Channel in 144 countries to an estimated 200 million households. Ongoing repeats, plus transmission on other channels worldwide including National Geographic Canada, Phoenix Satellite China, AXN Latin America, Sport Italia, VRT Belgium, Multithematique France and others.

•20 minute documentary “Spirit of Cardiff Transatlantic Challenge” broadcast on Sky Sports, Foxsport, Star TV, UPC, JSKYB and others – broadcast to 77 countries, weekly viewing figures 150 million. Many repeat showings.

•Portsmouth TV documentary three-part series on Spirit of Cardiff’s second transatlantic voyage, broadcast to Portsmouth and Southampton area several times.

•UK TV news footage on BBC Wales, HTV Wales, BBC South, BBC East, ITN, Sky News

•Worldwide news footage: Virtually every refuelling stop attracted interest from at least one TV news organisation, most of whom covered the story from a local viewpoint then syndicated the material to their respective national outlets.