Team Britannia

Meet the team

Further DetailsAlan is the World Leader in extreme powerboating ...

Alan Priddy
Further Details

Award-winning travel journalist, photographer and broadcaster Clive Tully FRGS accompanied Alan Priddy...

Clive Tully
Communications Officer
Further DetailsLondon consultant psychiatrist Dr Jan Falkowski...

Jan Falkowski
Further Details

Steve is an electrical engineer, a qualified BWSF tournament...

Steve Mason
Watch Leader and Ship's Electrician
Further DetailsAndy was a keen supporter of Alan’s round the world power expedition ...

Andy Reid
Further DetailsA former soldier from the Royal Artillery, Daisy was introduced to powerboat racing...

Daisy Coleman
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsFormer Royal Marine Jeremy (Jez) Scarratt comes from Newcastle-Under-Lyme...

Jez Scarratt
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsTavistock-based Lee Spencer had 24 years service with the Royal Marines...

Lee Spencer
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsFormer Royal Navy Able Seaman Richard Hunt is no stranger to record attempts...

Richard Hunt
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsThere's no doubt that Alan Priddy's younger son Wayne is a "Chip off
the old block."

Wayne Priddy
Further Details

Sailmaker Andrew Bedwell has been involved with boats pretty much all his life...

Andrew Bedwell
Watch Keeper
Further DetailsPeter has been messing around in boats all his life and is a keen supporter of...

Pietro Giovannoli
Bosun (in charge of refuelling)
Further DetailsRobert is UK-born and currently lives in Gibraltar. He holds a...

Robert Mackenzie
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsAlan Savage has been a police officer since the age of 19 and will ...

Alan Savage
Assistant Bosun
Further DetailsFormer soldier and amputee John "Stumpy" Sandford Hart is no stranger to world records...

John Sandford Hart
Assistant Bosun


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